my story

“I love abstract art. But I am filled with admiration when I am standing in front of the realistic paintings of the great Dutch masters. For long I was thinking about the question: What if Rembrandt was an abstract painter? The megapixel photo of The Night Watch, hard work and some coding answered the question.”- NOMER


Shot by Tessa Posthuma de Boer

When looking at a painting I am interested in the craftmanship of the maker. What steps did he take to create the final result? What does that add to the presented story? Brushstrokes tell a big part of that hidden story.

My work became more digital over the years. Animation, Web3, coding, digital interaction, privacy, accesability, temporality; my fields of interest. Check out my previous work on my personal website. 

NOMER (1977) is an artist, animator and Dutch oldskool rapper, who started as a cartoonist, moved to streetart and made series of paintings. In several Dutch cities you can find his sculptures and he has shown his work in musea and galeries. 

“I started making art in 1995. Murals, paintings, instalations and public sculptures. Later I discovered video and created preformances and animations. People and their surroundings has always been a theme in my work.”



To develop the Abstract Rembrandt NFT project I am supported by some great humans. Who? As soon as possible I will introduce you to them.


From my years working as a creative I’ve got a big network of specialists. Artists, animators, musicians, marketeers, art directors and more. My network is growing now with Web3 and NFT people. If you want to connect or work together, please visit my LinkedIn or drop a message.


As a holder of the Abstract Rembrandt NFT you become part of the team. You can suggest new ideas and vote about the direction of the project. My goal is to add as much value as possible for the communitiy.


the development

OCT 2022

Abstract Rembrandt NFT drop. 1642 Artworks and profile pictures


DEC 2022

First voting round for holders regarding the directions of the Abstract Rembrandt NFT project.


FEB 2023

Development of the new ideas and community rewards. Charitable cause is presented.


MAR 2023

Announcement and grand opening of Level 2. Based on input of the community.


APR 2023

New artworks available for the public, holders get first access.


MAY 2023

Presentation of the new roadmap for 2023 and beyond.




For a painter, looking at other people’s paintings is always a kind of technical consideration. I personally find it interesting to look at brush strokes. It tells a lot about the making process and the structure. A story behind the story.

inspirational artists

I like abstract artists who work very transparently with their brushstrokes. For example Robert Zandvliet, who works with egg tempera and has to paint his brushstrokes right in one go. I think that’s enormously ‘naked’ and vulnerable painting, because you can’t hide behind layers of paint on top of each other. Perhaps my fascination for Zandvliet is also because I was born in the same street as him, near Heerenveen (NL).


A work by Robert Zandvliet
Belvedère Museum Heerenveen

inspirational musea

When I was still in Heerenveen I very regularly visited Museum Belvedère, a museum of stillness. The art in this museum has greatly influenced my own painting. My work has become more abstract and quieter.

Now that I live near Amsterdam, I can often be found in the museums there and I see the work of the great masters more often. This has increased my appreciation for 17th century painting, but I find abstract work way more interesting.


coding and scripts

The megapixel photo of the Night Watch on the site of the Rijksmuseum allowed me to zoom in on the brushstroke level of Rembrandt’s masterpiece. Very expressive and very special. That’s how I came up with the question; what if Rembrandt was an abstract painter?

Because I was diving into NFTs and the process of creating those collections, I discovered coding and scripts. New tools in the making process. This enabled me to find the answer to the question of what abstract Rembrandts would look like.

Because of the code there is enough distance between me as an artist and Rembrandt’s brushstrokes. I make the creation process possible and place the brushstrokes in a file. The code and the script decide when which brushstroke is visible. Completely random and different every time. The result is 1642 abstract Rembrandts.




You’ll be the first to know about the whitelist and other news regarding the Abstract Rembrandt NFT project. No spam, only newsworthy updates. – NOMER


Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

Rembrandt (Leiden, July 15, 1606 – Amsterdam, October 4, 1669) was a Dutch painter, etcher and draftsman. He is generally regarded as one of the greatest painters and etchers in European art, and as the most important Dutch master of the 17th century. Rembrandt produced a total of about three hundred paintings, three hundred etchings and two thousand drawings.